Adventures in Axum

Tenth session prep

Info for players

Hey, all! I have been diligently preparing the tenth session, and I realized today that there are some things I should mention to you, the players, beforehand.

- Keep your character sheets handy! Make sure they’re up to date, too. If there’s anything you’re not sure of, just ask!

- If you have time, reviewing the characters and wiki would be a fantastic idea. I’ll be spending time today and tomorrow updating the info there; I will not, however be putting up a new Axum Announcements, because…

- The 9th and 10th session will be on the same day, with maybe an hour or two having elapsed between them. That means the in-game date is still Wednesday, July 22, 2015.

- This is more of a note for the campaign in general, but if I make any mistakes or forget anything about the campaign or your characters or anything, PLEASE tell me! I lost some of my notes recently, and as such I’m in the process of transferring the ones I have to a new notebook. While I’ve tried to put all the info available to you guys (which is actually most of it, tbh) up on the wiki, there’s still a chance that I’ve lost something that you guys might remember, and if that’s the case telling me would be really helpful!

- Lastly, keep in mind- beware the tree!


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