Magdalena Christensen

Bereaved mother, protester


Mrs. Christensen was a middle-aged woman with brown hair.


Magdalena Christensen was a middle-aged woman who was known for protesting the government’s policies on the management and containment of potentially dangerous superhuman abilities. She found her cause after her teenage son Damien committed suicide shortly after being fitted with a neural inhibitor.

Damien, a mutant, had begun to show signs of having intensely powerful mind control powers. Upon being approached by a representative from the Guild of Psychics and the government, he refused training and chose instead to get fitted with a neural inhibitor. Mrs. Christensen insisted that after the inhibitor was installed, Damien began to show signs of intense depression and may have been bullied at school because of it. A month after receiving the inhibitor, Damien killed himself, and his mother blamed the government for driving her son to suicide.

She is dead.

Magdalena Christensen

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