Hero-for-hire, Psychic Guild associate


Amanda is a beautiful woman in her late 20s with short red hair, reddish facial markings, and piercing green eyes. She has a muscular, athletic build, and is nearly always seen in public in her work clothing, which is a complex red and orange leather costume with spikes.


Amanda Walker, better known by her work name Firebird, is the younger sister of Adrienne Walker and a freelance superhero operating mainly out of southern Axum. Unlike her sisters, she has very little telepathic ability, but is extremely skilled at telekinesis, and is known for being very creative with the application of her powers.

Occasionally working with both the Psychic’s Guild and the Axum Police Department, Amanda is more or less self-employed. Known for her no-nonsense attitude and preference towards working alone, she has nevertheless proven herself to have excellent teamwork skills.

While Amanda and Ardrienne are on good terms, the two have very different personalities and are very busy people, and as such they rarely see one another. Amanda is on record as having not heard from Angela since before her disappearance.


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