Demi-human shapeshifter, government agent


Her favourite form is that of a tall, pale woman in her 20s. Her true form is unknown.


Alyssa Aensland, more commonly known as Eris, was Safeguard’s handler and government contact. An extra-dimensional shapeshifter, Alyssa was generally thought to have lived in Axum for thirty or so years, and has worked for the government for fifteen. Due to her abilities she was known to have worked with the Guild of Magics and the Psychic Guild. Known for being charming, friendly and generally capable, she was well known throughout Axum for having been a member of the previous incarnation of Safeguard twenty years previous. She was generally thought to be ageless, and it is unknown as to exactly how old she was, or where exactly she comes from.
Her abilities make her ideal for crowd control, diplomacy, light infiltration and information gathering.

It was recently revealed to the players that Eris served the Guild of Magics for almost a century, having been bound to one of its precursor organizations as a slave of sorts. While she was freed shortly after the founding of the guild itself, she was still unable to directly speak or act against the guild, though whether this was a matter of choice is not certain.

Eris was found dead during the events of the tenth session.


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