Adventures in Axum

Tenth session recap

In which the party fought a giant tree demon from the 16th dimension

This session began with the team exiting the police station where they ended the last session. Immediately they received a distress signal on their communicators, and tracked the signal down to a small island off the southeastern coast of the city. On the island they found the source of the signal- a strange, terribly wounded creature (described as being vaguely humanoid, roughly 4"5 with large slit-pupil eyes (with nictating membranes), tiny black scales all over its body, long arms with long, pointed fingers, small tentacles along its ribcage and luminescent blue blood) inside a magical circle barrier with a strange device with blinking lights embedded into the ground under it. Upon closer inspection by Iris and mauveine, the creature was identified as Eris, and the device was identified as the missing flux stabilizer. While the party was deciding what to do, Mauveine noticed that the stabilizer was blinking more and more rapidly, signalling that something was about to happen, and managed to move out of the way just in time as a dimensional rift appeared, destroying Eris, her communicator and the stabilizer. A giant creature that looked vaguely like a tree emerged.

The party fought the tree monster and managed to stun and blind/deafen it, calling Professor Wyrd for backup. The Professor informed them that the creature’s blood would render them unconcious in three turns, and that a team would come and get them in four. Three turns passed, the party blacked out and woke up in a hospital room.

Professor Wyrd came in and asked what happened, verifying that Eris was, in fact, the creature in the circle. He went on to tell them that the people who caused her death and the opening of the rift would likely be people working against the government and his guild, but wouldn’t say anything about who they could be. After telling the group that he would be available should they need to consult anyone on any magical or interdimensional matters, he passed on a message from Eris- “it’s in the hologram projector”. He then disappeared in a puff of sparkly smoke, and the team were checked out of the hospital.


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