Adventures in Axum

Ninth session notes

The beginning of part 2

The ninth session, which was a starting point for the second part of the campaign, involved the investigation of a murder at the penthouse of Anton van den Burg (as per his request, despite the fact that the police had already done their investigation)

Van den burg’s penthouse, formerly that of Henry Perkins, was virtually undisturbed except for the dead body of Theodore Perkins on the coffee table, a stolen flux stabilizer (an extremely important, valuable and still in progress piece of technology) and an apparently re-set alarm system. Anton was polite but fairly unhelpful, as he was proven to have witnessed absolutely nothing (and had an airtight alibi). The evidence collected was as follows (let me know if I missed anything):
- On Theodore Perkins:
~ Strange branching burn marks, like those on people struck by lightning
~ Other small burn marks on body, seemingly from electrical burns
~ A seven-pointed star brand (or at least what appeared to be a brand) on victim’s back (symbol seen before at the monster truck rally and the drug bust)
~ Clothing was unmarked but appeared to have been tampered with, later confirmed to have been done by the police that investigated the scene earlier
~ Shoes were entirely unmarked, as though they had never been worn
- The penthouse’s security system was four hours behind, was shown to have been reset (not turned off or disabled)
- No signs of struggle, blood, fingerprints, any other sort of evidence on scene, which suggests that victim’s body was moved after death

After some totally awesome discussion between the players, the team contacted the police and met with Sigrid Pryor, who revealed:
- Suspects were (are?) Henry Perkins, Harold the Technomancer, and Celeste Rosewater
- No additional information or evidence was known to her
- Celeste Rosewater and Harold the Technomancer are in custody

The players worked together fantastically, and as such EVERYONE GETS A HERO POINT!


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