The dawn of the superhuman era took place in the early 60s. It happened suddenly and without warning, and it took the world by surprise.
Seven beings of incredibly power, linked by some strange, unknown force, were the first to appear. Shortly after, metahumans started appearing all over the globe, possessing various abilities and strengths, but none of them could rival the power of even a single member of the Seven.

People feared that the Seven would be used by the countries from which they came as weapons of war, and for a time this seemed very likely to happen. When the Seven were approached by representatives sent by their homelands to propose exactly that, they were, as one, outraged, and refused.

Believing it to be the only option, the Seven founded a country of their own- a nation of the superhuman, where no metahuman would have to fear persecution or exploitation, no matter how weak or powerful. Combining their powers, they created an island in the Atlantic, about the size of Singapore, and founded a city. Then, after rudimentary construction was finished, they opened their island nation to the world, inviting any and all superhumans (and their families) to come and live in harmony- a harmony which would be protected and ensured, a harmony that none would dare threaten. A harmony which has endured to this day, and although nobody has seen any of the Seven for almost fifty years, the country they founded remains inviolate and independent.

This is not their story.

It is the year 2015, and the island nation of Axum is a thriving, prosperous country. The capital (and only) city, Axum, is a bustling metropolis, filled with people of all shapes, sizes and abilities. About 80% of the population are metahumans, though only a small percentage a very powerful.

You, as a player, are part of a team called Safeguard that was created by the government to resolve problems that cannot be dealt with by other means (police or military intervention, for instance). This team is in its third iteration, and it will be the smallest group thus far. Your group is publicized as being something like a cross between the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and a SWAT team; an awesome superhuman team that defend justice, goodness, and the Axum way of life, who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty by dealing with problems nobody else can face.

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Adventures in Axum

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