Guild of Kinetics

The Guild of Kinetics operates more like an after-school club and regulatory organization than the other guilds. Aimed largely towards teaching young people with kinetic abilities (pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, etc), they place a large emphasis on training and control. However, unlike the Guild of Psychics, the Guild of Kinetics doesn’t have specialized schools; instead they have mandatory classes that young kineticicts have to take until they can prove they have sufficient control over their abilities.

The Guild of Kinetics is the second smallest guild in the city, largely because it isn’t mandatory for most graduates of the training program to retain any sort of membership. Full-time members are either individuals with extremely powerful and dangerous abilities who need to be monitored somewhat, people in charge of teaching the programs, or other individuals who wish to involve themselves with things like community outreach programs.

In addition to its training programs, the guild also focuses on charity work, especially in the area of reaching out to impoverished and troubled youth.

Notable members of the guild include Victor Sanders and Shirley Binglesnatch.

Guild of Kinetics

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