Adventures in Axum

Fifth session
In which shit got real?

The fifth session had Safeguard report to Mayor Ward, who awarded them 5 PP each. He gave them tickets to a monster truck rally, which was later that evening.

There was some shenanigans at the concession stands (including me compiling a weird table for generating foods), and then the players settled into their box and chatted with some NPCs.

The lights then turned off, there were screams and crashing sounds, and then the emergency lights turned on. Multiple NPCs fled the box (including Adromeda Jones), but Mauveine took action and flew down to the stadium…floor thing, after being advised by Harold the Technomancer that something was wrong with the electrical grid. Mauveine then proceeded to free a trapped teenager, fix a damaged electrical panel, and discover two bodies- that of the driver of a crashed monster truck (all but one had vanished) and the corpse of Shirley Binglesnatch, whose throat had been slit.

The team talked to the police, and were told that Andromeda Jones is not to be trusted.

Axum Announcements, issue #2

The protest in front of city hall yesterday ended in an impromptu free concert held by music sensation Savarez. The concert went on for fourty-five minutes, and fans were delighted by the unexpected appearance. Some witnesses at the scene claim that Savarez was holding the concert in order to allow his Safeguard teammates to talk with Astrophel Error in private. While City Hall security footage does indeed depict Iris and Mauveine of Safeguard speaking briefly with Mr. Error, who left very quickly, it is unknown whether this is the reason behing the impromptu concert.
When asked for a comment, Mayor Ward was quick to point out that the protest was schedualed to happen a week from yesterday, and says that he was just happy that nobody was hurt in the unlawful assembly, especially given that police were not able to arrive on scene for roughly twenty minutes.
Magdalena Christensen, however, was apparently infuriated by the intervention. While Mrs. Christensen was not available for comment, one witness said that she insisted that she would get her message out, no matter how determined the government was to prevent it.

The Guild of Kinetics will be hosting a monster truck rally as a fundraiser for their various outreach programs. The event will be the first monster truck rally in Axum history, and the monster trucks themselves will be custom-built by members of the Guild of Technology in partnership with local mechanics. Guild of Kinetics representative Shirley Binglesnatch insists that the event will be “a night of fun for all ages”, and that it will be “unlike anything this city has ever seen”.

A recent string of robberies in various districts of the city have recently been found to be linked. The APD recently released a report to the press detailing that the small brass gears have been found at each of the crime scenes, and are currently pursuing various leads and inquiries on the matter. Citizens are advised to be extra vigilant about locking their doors and windows.

There was a minor scuffle yesterday on Star Street in the Red Light district that was quickly broken up by an undercover police officer. A witness, who gave her name as Sybil Tennisballs, said that the officer managed to talk down two mens with guns who had been shouting at one another for something like half an hour. She isists that the officer did so with no help, and that after he had managed to persuade the men to calm down that they “hugged it out”. The APD refused to release the identity of the officer, but have said that they are “extremely proud of his exemplary conduct under pressure”.

The West Axum Wizards beat the Central Axum Crusaders six to one yesterday in a soccer match that was described by many as a “match for the ages”. This marks the first game that the Crusaders have lost for two months now, and this defeat means that they no longer qualify for the championship next month.
Wesley Featherstone, goalkeeper for the Wizards, expressed his elation at his team’s victory by jumping on the back of his teammate Rodney Dangerfield, who promptly fell over and sprained his wrist. Wizards manager Theodore Perkins made an official statement saying that Dangerfield is “on the mend” and will not have to miss out on the next Wizards game a week from now (in which they will be facing off against the East Axum Elementalists).

Next Sunday will mark the 20th anniversary of the end of the Rifts crisis, and a memorial service will be held at the Paragon Memorial Plaza downtown to honor those who lost their lives in the tragic event. Mayor Ward will, of course, be in attendance, as will former members of the second Safeguard Eris, Wildfire, Blizzaga and Plastique. Kate Bishop, the daughter of Paragon II, will be making a speech at the service.

Axum Announcements, issue #1
For the fourth session, on 04/02/2015

Thousands are expected to gather next week in the plaza in front of City Hall in protest of the government’s policies regarding containment and management of extrahuman abilities, as well as the APD‘s treatment of the death of Suzanne Error. In attendance will be Magdalena Christensen (who was involved in last month’s protest in front of the main headquarters of the Guild of Psychics), as well as Astrophel Error.

The APD has conducted yet another raid on what is believed to be a lab for processing Mutant Growth Hormone. This makes the third full-scale bust this year, and yet sources say that MGH dealers still roam at large on Axum’s streets.
When asked to comment on this matter, Comissioner Montoya said that the efforts of the APD have, in fact, made a large difference in the reduction of MGH dealing. She went on to point out that her squads have rescued over fifty individuals who were being held against their will in the various raids.
Detective Sigrid Pryor will be receiving the Kane award for exceptional service in recognition of her involvement in the recent raids, and rumors have been circulating that she may receive a promotion some time in the near future.

Popular bassist Eric Slapton officially announced that he will be taking a break from the music industry, effective immediately. Though Slapton himself refused to comment, his manager, Mr. Satan Provenzano, said that Slapton needs “some time to himself, to relax and collect his thoughts”, and that the hiatus will be “indefinite but not permanent; Mr. Slapton has every intention of returning to music at some point in the future”.

Repairs to the 24th street bridge have been completed after the battle between Safeguard and a mysterious flying man in what appeared to be a suit of mechanical armor. The repairs were minor, and witnesses to the event are adamant that the damage would have been much greater if Safeguard had not been present to drive off the strange man, who had halted traffic and was holding a number of people hostage.
Though the altercation was brief, it has caused an overwhelming response from the citizens of Axum, who seem very pleased with the new team of super-heroes.

The Transhumanist Guild has been working with the Guild of Technology for months on making advanced cybernetic legs available to the masses, and at long last this technology has officially been made available to Axum’s hospitals. Both guilds (as well as the Axum Medical Association) assure that the limbs are entirely safe and will not require special training or knowledge to operate. Renowned surgeon James Sanders is on record as endorsing the legs as exceptionally safe and easy to use.
The Government is expected to incorporate these cybernetic legs into their subsidized funding program, which should allow individuals who would not normally be able to afford such technology access to these new artificial limbs.

A string of recent high profile electronics-related crimes have left the police baffled, and the perpetrator is still believed to be at large. Citizens are asked to report any information they may have involving these crimes to the APD as soon as possible.
The Guild of Technology are said to be investigating the matter privately.

Adrienne Walker has announced that she will soon be releasing a new book, titled “A Comprehensive History of the Guild of Psychics”. This book, which will be her seventh, charts the history of the Guild of Psychics from earliest known accounts to the present.
Ms. Walker will be discussing the book at length in her interview with Ernestine Wolff on his show, Crying Wolff (???).

Popular musician Savarez, who is notably a member of the new Safeguard, is said to be living with two men, one of whom is his enigmatic team member Mauveine. The identity of the other man is currently unknown. It is widely believed that this cohabitation is due to security issues Savarez is rumored to be having at his Short Island mansion.

Fourth session recap

This session saw the conclusion of the Guild of Magics mission with the group questioning the two remaining people on the list.

The group arrived at the Technomancer’s building and were guided by a receptionist (who was a robot and made them coffee!) to Neron, who turned out to be completely innocent of any involvement in the illegal experimentation (and also made the tech that the group’s image inducers are based off of). Believing they had all the information they could gather, the group got on a bus and headed to city hall, where they found a protest happening (despite it being scheduled for the next week). The group noticed that there was no police presence and that the crowd was getting very worked up.

Thinking fast, the group staged an impromptu concert and, while the crowd was watching Savarez perform, Iris and Mauveine went off and questioned Astrophel Error, who was there for the protest. Error outright lied to the group and essentially said something along the lines of “you can’t prove anything” and then stormed off.

After that, Detective Pryor showed up with some other members of the APD and, after a brief chat, invited Iris and the rest of Safeguard along on a drug bust that would be happening at some point in the future.

Third session recap

This session saw Safeguard sent to the Guild of Magics by Mayor Ward to investigate claims of illegal research and experimentation into dimensional rifts. Having received a list of people to question (Julie, Sophia, Lady Fernanda Zappa, Franklin Llyr, Neron, and Astrophel Error), they rode the bus to the guild HQ. After chatting with Julie and Professor Wyrd (who told them why banning research into dimensional rifts is a bad idea), they started on their mission.

First, they talked to Sophia, who told them about a book that had been taken out by another member of the guild- Lady Fernanda Zappa, who was next on the list.
Zappa herself proved to be somewhat uncooperative.
Franklin Llyr, however, provided the group with tons of information, most of which pointed to Neron being responsible for the illegal activity. On their way out, the group met up with Rembrandt Moon, of The Glitter Boys.

The session ended with the group heading over to confront Neron.

Second session recap

The second session, which I think was in December, featured Safeguard getting settled into their new HQ and fighting some random guy in a battlesuit on the 24th Street bridge.

New characters introduced this session were Ocean Andrews, caretaker of the Safeguard HQ, and random battlesuit guy.

Notable things that happened this session include Mauveine messing around with a hologram projector thing, Savarez discovering the entertainment room, TAG downloading the entirety of the Safeguard database, and the random battlesuit guy being all weird and stuff.

First session recap

The first session, which happened at some point in November, was a party thrown in the honor of the members of the new Safeguard team, who had been introduced to the public in a press conference earlier that day. The players met a variety of important NPCs: Professor Wyrd and his assistant Julie, James Sanders (Doctor X) and his adoptive son Victor, Adrienne Walker and her bodyguardCole Phelps, Susan Armstrong, Aaron Stack, Martin Li, Sigrid Pryor, Victor Hugo and Jackson Georgs.

Notable features of the session include Iris hitting on Sigrid, Mauveine pouring drinks down himself and having an actually normal conversation with Julie, and TAG chatting with Susan Armstrong.

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