Victor Hugo

Teleporter, police officer


An englishman in his late 20s with black hair and piercing blue eyes.


Victor Hugo is a clairvoyant teleporter who works with Jackson Georgs and Sigrid Pryor. A self-styled ladies’ man, he is generally seen as the ‘face’ of his squad, and his network of informants and contacts is the stuff of legends. Early in his career he and Jackson Georgs were paired together due to their complementary personalities and abilities, and they have been friends ever since. For years he was kept under surveillance by the Psychic Guild for unknown reasons (they retain the right to keep tabs on any citizen that displays psychic abilities as long as they can justify doing so to the government) and while it is generally believed that this surveillance has ended, the reason for this is just as mysterious, and as such Hugo still feels somewhat uneasy when dealing with the guild. He is the youngest member of his squad.

Victor Hugo

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