Susan Armstrong

Leader of the Guild of Technology


Susan Armstrong is a fairly attractive, confident-looking woman in her early 60s with blond hair.


Susan Armstrong, the head of the Guild of Technology, is a sixty-year-old woman who has been a prominent member of Axum’s social elite since her teenage years. The Armstrong family have been present in Axum since the very beginning, and have more often than not been at the helm of its technological development, by virtue of their skill and influence. Susan, now sixty, was recognized for her genius early on in her life, and is not only a skilled engineer and architect but a shrewd businesswoman. Friends describe her as brilliant, capable and practical. At a young age she played a key role in the development of the Sky Train system, and over the years has gone on to lead (and contribute to) projects such as the Sky Gardens, the newer tidal generators, and the recent renovations to the subway system. She personally designed the Guild of Technology’s new headquarters (the old one having been turned into a library and office building) and two varieties of personal neural inhibitors, among a wide variety of other important pieces of technology.

Susan Armstrong

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