Sigrid Pryor

Detective extraordinaire


Sigrid Pryor is a mildly attractive woman in her early 30s with long blond hair and blue eyes.


Sigrid Pryor is a detective of the APD and a strong, fiercely independant person. She is very good at her job, is the leader of the most highly skilled trio in the police force, and is thought to be Comissioner Montoya’s protege (both have no comment on the matter). While her skills are many, she is best known for her tactical abilities and quick thinking under pressure. Something of a workaholic, Sigrid has issues balancing her personal and professional life, which, in addition to the fact that she tends to be somewhat abrasive, means that she almost always puts her job first. She has no family on Axum, and as such sometimes feels very isolated.
She is currently single. Her squad consists of Victor Hugo and Jackson Georgs.

Sigrid Pryor

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