Celeste Rosewater

Neron's assistant


A young, black-haired woman with electricity constantly manifesting itself around her body from her eyes.


Celeste Rosewater is Neron’s assistant. He serves as her mentor, having specifically requested to work with her due to her notorious natural abilities with magic-related technology.

Unlike her siblings Phoebe and Nathan, Celeste has no natural psychic abilities. She showed a talent for the arcane early on in life, and as a result she ended up graduating the Threefold Academy of Esoteric Excellence with high honours and a plethora of scholarships. Currently she is in her second year of university and is a full member of the Guild of Magics.

Of note is the fact that she is already a promising inventor, having created a rather weak device to amplify certain forms of magic as a science fair project in high school.

Celeste Rosewater

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