Enigmatic Ego


Mauveine is approximately 6’ and wears a full-body purple suit. His suit has a big “M” on the chest, and a belt for holstering his gun, sword, and grappling hook. He is also quite strong, along with being very intelligent (despite what his personality portrays).


An emerging superhero who quickly came to fame in only a matter of weeks. Mauveine is a hero mostly recognizable by his signature purple suit and equally signature sporadic nature. He was first identified by the press when he and his sidekick, Electrofro, stopped a bank robbery by means of capturing all the robbers. The duo were recognized when the criminals were brought in with painted faces (decorated by Mauveine upon capture). The event was so odd that the media made it into a story and videos went viral, which made the duo into a hit.

Mauveine is actually quite capable in his ways of completing tasks and jobs, but his methods aren’t always straight forward; usually acting quite random or chaotic. His capability and joke-like nature make him likable both by the common man who wants a safe city, and by the good-humored who need a laugh every now and again.

Where Mauveine comes from and how he knows Electrofro is currently unknown, though it is assumed the two have had some kind of past together.

Mauveine has many symbols that are unique to him. His purple body suit being the first. The suit is made of a highly-durable and breathable fabric, which he claims feels like wearing nothing at all. His weapons are also very advanced technology, and how he came across them is also unknown. His sword is a high-grade plasma sword that could cut through almost any material, and has been known to make incurable wounds (not even magic could fix these sores!) and his pistol is a new-model laster pistol that Mauveine knows his way around. This is one psycho you wouldn’t want on your bad side, considering how capable, armed, and crazy he is.


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