Martin Li

Philanthropic businessman


Li is a slender Chinese man in his early 40s.


Martin Li, a well-known business man and well-respected philanthropist, is the head of the Citizen’s Guild. A self-made man, Li immigrated from San Francisco in his youth, living in the (slums?) of Axum with his mother and two younger siblings. At the tender age of twelve he began work as a shoe shiner at a local mall, and in just ten years rose to the ranks of CEO of the largest hotel chain in Axum, going on to acquire several other businesses. Renowned both for his rags-to-riches origin and his generosity, Li is the biggest contributor to homeless shelters, soup kitchens and food banks in all of Axum (excluding the government, of course). Despite being one of the richest men in Axum, Li lives in a modest three-bedroom apartment in a generally middle-class district with his mother.

Oddly enough, Li also plays a large role in funding various outreach programs with the Guild of Kinetics. He is one of the only individuals in the city with large amounts of influence in more than one guild.

Martin Li

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