Irene Rosewater

Enigmatic leader of the Guild of Psychics


Irene is a slender, fragile-looking woman in her late 70s with white hair and glasses.


Irene Rosewater is the aging and enigmatic leader of the Psychic Guild. Like the Armstrongs, the Rosewater family have led (and for a time largely funded) the Psychic guild ever since its inception over fifty years ago, and Irene has led the guild for fourty of those years. Her appearances in public have never been very frequent, but over the years she has become more and more reclusive, and as such is rarely seen in public anymore, instead choosing to be represented by high-ranking guild members, such as Adrienne Walker (whom she is said to be especially fond of).
Rumors about her abound- some people insist that she’s the greatest telepath in the world, that she can see flawlessly into the past, present and future, that she is secretly queen of the lizard-people that have come from the center of the Earth to conquer the surface world, and, most commonly, that she has several proteges that are all vying for power within the guild almost constantly. What is known about her is that she is extremely wise and intelligent, and is a shrewd and cunning leader. While she was never married and is known to have no children, her younger brother has three children, two of which are psychics themselves.

Irene Rosewater

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