Henry Perkins

Disgraced tycoon


Perkins is an attractive young man in his 30s.


A gifted and intelligent human, Henry Perkins found himself starting his own company in the technology sector of Axum. Quickly rising the ranks, Perkins’ company, known as Gyrtex Industries, was becoming one of the lead distributors in technological advances. Perkins himself was quite the success; he had money, power, charm, good looks, intelligence, anything any man could want.

However, one day evidence was found that led to Perkins being publicly disgraced among accusations of plagiarism, stealing ideas from less successful inventors, and corporate sabotage. With these discoveries made, citizens of Axum quickly pulled their funding from any and all things Gyrtex, and the company went from the top to the bottom almost instantly. It is unknown where Perkins is now, as when his company went bankrupt and he went broke that he disappeared completely. While he doesn’t have an active criminal record for his doings at Gyrtex, the people still actively hate Perkins for his actions, and most want to see him brought to justice.

Henry Perkins

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