Mauvine's partner, all-around BAMF


Electrofro is a human standing at about 6’, (7’ with his fro). He has black hair except his afro, which is a pure white with a yellow lightning bolt through it. He wears a white and gold disco-themed outfit with an open shirt and gold chain.


A super hero who just rose up to semi-fame only a few weeks ago. He’s the sidekick of the emerging hero Mauveine. These two are usually seen together, and thier past is unclear. The two make a very unique duo; where Mauveine is usually random and unpredictable, Electrofro is much more reasonable, and usually works the communication between Mauveine and the rest of the world (almost like a translator). With the facts that the two have only been known for a few weeks, they seem very close, and Electrofro is somehow working with Mauveine after being put through so many missions with him, it is assumed that the two must have some kind of previous past together, but nobody knows what this past could be.

Electrofro is a disco-themed hero; wearing jet platform shoes, a bright white/gold disco outfit, and a big white afro with a lightning bolt streak. While he does not have any super powers, Electrofro uses his electro-whip for medium-close range opponents, and his heavy pistol for the longer range.


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