Astrophel Error

Summoner, bereaved father


Error is a handsome man in his 60s with gray hair.


Astrophel Error, Piercer of the Seven Veils, mage of the seventh level, Incantatar of the Falteen school of Binding, is the current leader of the Ancient Fellowship of Summoners, a branch of the Guild of Magics. Now in his 60s, Astrophel is married and has two children. His youngest daughter, Suzanne Error, was killed last year in a car accident, after which her body disappeared from the morgue. Since Suzanne’s death, Astrophel has been attending protests for the apparent mishandling of a multitude of cases on the part of the APD.

Of note is the fact that Error is notoriously uncooperative with practically everyone, and doesn’t get along well with his peers at the Guild of Magics.

Astrophel Error

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