Anton van den Burg



Anton van den Burg is a middle-aged man who looks deceptively young. He is tall and fairly handsome, and chooses to wear his straight black hair long.


Anton van den Burg is a mutant and the current CEO of Gyrtex, an extremely successful high-tech company. His position was obtained recently, after he exposed Henry Perkins to be guilty of plagiarism, stealing ideas from less successful inventors, and corporate sabotage

Known for both his mercurial moods and his skill in cybernetics, Anton is a high-ranking member of the Guild of Technology and a graduate of the University of Axum’s prestigious robotics program.

While he is in his 50s, Anton ages slowly, and as such he looks like he is in his mid 20s.

Recently van den Burg has expressed interest in getting into politics.

Anton van den Burg

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