Angela Walker

Rogue psychic


While descriptions of her vary somewhat from witness to witness, she is generally thought to be a fairly attractive redhead with extremely pale skin and in good shape. She is known to be in her early 30s.


While sightings of her have been reported on and off for years, Angela Walker is a notoriously dangerous rogue psychic that is noteworthy mostly for having never been apprehended. Her powers are very similar to that of her older sister Adrienne, but witnesses have gone on record saying that she has little to no restraint in using her abilities for personal gain or amusement.

A stylized drawing of her (the picture provided) was found in a drug lab during the drug bust in the sixth session. An extremely unreliable source identified the person in the picture to be someone called The Goblin Queen, but when Iris brought the picture to Adrienne she confided that it was Angela. Oh god, that was a terribly worded sentence.

Angela Walker

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