Adrienne Walker

Charismatic psychic, popular author


Walker is a beautiful woman in her 30s with red hair and green eyes.


Adrienne Walker is an author and Axum socialite. Her rise to fame started about a decade ago, with the publishing of her first book (A Nation Unchained?), which was incredibly popular. Since then she has written six books, appeared on television various times, and has become a well-known figure in Axum’s social scene. She is rarely seen without her bodyguard, Cole Phelps, about whom little is known. Why Walker, who is said to be extremely powerful, has a bodyguard in the first place is not known, nor has she ever explained the need for one. As of late she has often represented Irene Rosewater at public events, and as such many believe her to be under consideration for future guild leader.

She has two younger sisters, one of whom is a wanted rogue psychic. Adrienne recently confided in Iris about her past- as children she and her sisters (and also Cole Phelps) were part of some sort of experimentation, and with the help of Cole they escaped to Axum. Her youngest sister Amanda is currently a sort of freelance hero-for-hire going by the name Firebird, and her other sister Angela is on the run for not complying with PG regulations.

Adrienne Walker

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