Adventures in Axum

Sixth session recap

Combat time!

This session featured (or was) the first proper combat in the entirety of the campaign thusfar, and it involved a lot of ironing out of confusing rules (especially ones about grapple). The team, with all members present for the first time since the second session, aided the APD in a raid on a drug lab in a warehouse on Star Street.

Mauveine proved just how much of a badass he is by taking down Ruby with his awesome sword, Savarez proved exactly how crazy useful Obscure is, TAG proved that he is a BEAST in that awesome grapple session with the demon Marcus (thanks for the punch-out image, MrBobshadow!), and Iris was simultaneously insanely helpful in terms of providing defense and talking to NPCs.

Two odd pictures were found- one of a black seven-pointed star, and one of a strange woman referred to as ‘the goblin queen’. Three broken laptops were recovered and will take some time to fix. Sybil Tennisballs got to meet her idol, Mauveine, and is now resting in the hospital after being put back together by James Sanders, surgeon supreme.

You guys did good, and I hope next time we do combat will go a bit smoother but be just as fun (if not more).


Squareomatic Squareomatic

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