Adventures in Axum

Sixth session prep

What you need to know to get ready for the upcoming sixth session

Hey guys! The sixth session will be the first proper combat session so far in this campaign, and there is a lot of preparation to do (mostly on my end…seriously, guys, SO MUCH TO DO). In order to kind of streamline preparation, I figured I’d list some of the things you guys, as players, need to know.

- I’m giving you guys FREE STUFF! For use in this session only, you guys get:
– 9mm Handgun (Ranged Damage 3)
– An average Bulletproof Vest (Protection 4, torso-specific)

- Familiarize yourselves with your abilities, in particular how you can use them in combat situations. Keep in mind the abilities of your team-mates, and give some thought about how all your guys’ abilities can work together.

- This will be a drug bust. You’ll be with Sigrid, Victor and Jackson, but Sigrid will be the only one actually engaging in combat with you. Similarly, Eris will not actually be following you into combat.

- If you guys want I can get Jason’s permission to use TAG. He might be of some help.

- Also, if you have some free time, feel free to make your own character page!

- This session will take place something like a week after the Monster Truck Rally.


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