Adventures in Axum

Seventh session recap

The filler session

This session was a filler session, largely because the GM was really busy (also lazy) and didn’t plan anything in particular for the session ahead of time.

Mauveine went to visit Sybil Tennisballs in the hospital and talked to Dr. X (who said something about his secret being safe). The group went to the officially licensed Safeguard merchandise store, where they found all sorts of cool things and Mauveine and Savarez bought things. Iris went to visit Adrienne Walker, who revealed that the so-called Goblin Queen is her sister, Angela, who is a dangerous rogue psychic.

The GM also provided the group with a lengthy explanation of the role of MGH in Axum society.

The group was told that the APD has concluded that the black seven-pointed star found during the fifth and six sessions is linked to a mutant supremacist group that hasn’t been properly active for years.

At some point this picture was made, and I feel the need to post it here:


Squareomatic Squareomatic

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