Adventures in Axum

Ninth session promo

Are you bad enough dudes...?


Are you tired of all the side-quests and random characters? Do you secretly yearn for some more ACTION? Are you starting to question whether this campaign actually has a main quest line? Have you ever wondered if Mayor Ward’s bonsai is sentient, or whether the characters you guys keep meeting actually matter in the grand scheme of things?

Well, yearn/wonder no longer, because Squares, your friendly neighborhood geometric shape(s), is preparing for the TOTALLY POSSIBLY AWESOME SUPER COOL NINTH SESSION! Better still, she is currently looking for suggestions and feedback on what you guys want to see in future sessions! Things totally aren’t set in stone yet, but it’s guaranteed that whatever happens, Adventures in Axum will be BACK, and quite possibly better than ever! OH YEAH! This totally wasn’t written at one in the morning!

…I’m really not sure why I wrote that in the third person. Basically what I’m trying to say is that school is fast approaching and I want to try and make some serious headway with this campaign. I have an idea as to what direction I want the game and story in general to go, but I want to make sure that I can incorporate things you guys really want to do as well. In general I’m hoping to streamline the campaign a bit, cut off the excess bits and pieces that I’ve added which don’t serve a real purpose, and keep going with something more cohesive and comprehensive. Future combat sessions are a definite must, but will of course require a lot of learning on my part ( : P ) so this whole thing might take a bit of time, at least a week.

TL;DR: Working on some stuff, would appreciate advice.


Squareomatic Squareomatic

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