Adventures in Axum

Axum Announcements, Issue #4 (Wednesday, July 22, 2015)

The mayoral elections are just a month away! If you are of age, make sure to vote!

Magdalena Christensen was found dead in her home last night at 2 am. While the cause of death has not been released by the APD, a witness to the scene said that Mrs. Christensen’s corpse featured many electrical burns. Foul play is suspected, but further information has not yet been made available. Anyone with knowledge about the case is asked to call the APD’s anonymous tip line.

The recent string of electronic thefts has escalated recently to include break-ins at the Guild of Technology headquarters and Gyrtex. While the devices stolen from the Guild of Technology are said to not be “very important”, our source at the guild tells us that the members are still extremely upset, especially since the guild headquarters is known for having a very complex and effective security system.
Anton van den Burg, CEO of Gyrtex, was kind enough to meet up with one of our reporters, and seems somewhat distressed about the thefts. "After the scandal involving the previous CEO [Henry Perkins], I had hoped that we at Gyrtex would be able to work on our projects in peace, at least for a little while. These thefts have put us behind on some of our more recent innovations- not so much that it will effect the company in any significant way, mind you, but it’s still frustrating".
Comissioner Montoya has issued a public statement about the crimes, saying that their primary suspect is currently the disgraced tycoon Henry Perkins. The search for Perkins has intensified, and anyone with information as to his whereabouts is asked to contact the police as soon as possible.

The monster truck rally held by Safeguard on Saturday has been hailed as “one of the best events to happen in Axum in years”. Upon announcement of the rally, tickets were sold out in two hours, leaving many people disappointed at not being able to attend.
Those that did manage to get tickets, however, seem to have been greatly pleased. From the astoundingly inventive monster trucks (especially the Violet Defiler, built by Safeguard’s own Mauveine) to the stellar half-time show, Safeguard’s monster truck rally did not disappoint, and many citizens are waiting with great anticipation to hear whether the event will be a regular occurrence.

The Southern Axum Observatory is opening its doors to the public on Friday as part of an initiative to increase interest in astronomy among Axum’s youth. While a charge of $25 will be required to actually handle any of the more specialized and sensitive equipment), there will be large telescopes and other equipment available to use for free at the observatory and in its grounds. Observatory employees will be on hand to assist in handling and using the telescopes and other instruments.


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