Adventures in Axum

Axum Announcements, issue #3

For the sixth session

The first annual Axum monster truck rally was interrupted last night by a string of events that included the death of Shirley Binglesnatch, representative of the Guild of Kinetics and organizer of the event.
It began when the lights suddenly went off in the middle of the rally, causing mass panic and leading to a frenzied effort to evacuate the stadium. Six people were admitted to the Central Axum Hospital with injuries related to trampling; the injuries were fairly minor, however, thanks largely to the efforts of notable psychic Adrienne Walker and Aaron Stack, head of the Guild of Transhumans. Safeguard member Mauveine also assisted in the evacuation process, aiding a young man whose leg had been caught under a collapsed chair.
Binglesnatch was found dead near the arena pit, as was monster truck driver Cecil Bush. The cause of death for both has yet to be released, though most sources seem to suspect murder in both cases. Binglesnatch‘s funeral will be in one week’s time at the West Axum Graveyard, and the service will be open to the public.
A black seven-pointed star was found painted on the ceiling of the stadium. Police have asked anyone who may have information regarding this to contact them immediately.

After seven years of development, the newest game in The Younger Tomes series, Skymarsh, will finally be released on Monday. Game stores have been overwhelmed with the amount of pre-orders received, and are currently worried that there might be a shortage of copies available after the pre-releases have been picked up.
Skymarsh has been described by developers as “the epic saga of the Lizardborn, champion of Skymarsh and prophesied savior of the Norgonians”. It is said to include over 400 hours of gameplay, and features support for the Oculus Rift.
Previous titles in The Younger Tomes series are Arenafall and Obliviwind, released in 2000 and 2007, respectively. Both games were critically acclaimed, and are some of the most popular games in recent years.

The courageous police officer who broke up a fight in the Red Light District earlier this week has been revealed to be officer David Killgrave.
Officer Killgrave is well known in his department for his interpersonal skills, and is well known for his amazing abilities to defuse potentially hazardous situations. Killgrave declined to comment on his recent fame, though he was very polite about it.

An apartment block in east West Axum suddenly disappeared from sight around 7pm yesterday night. It re-appeared at 7:05, much to the relief of local inhabitants.
Sources say that the building was shortly rendered invisible as a result of unlawful magical experimentation being conducted in one of the basement apartments, and though nobody was harmed the person responsible will be facing hefty fines and numerous legal repercussions. The name of the person responsible has not yet been released.

In a rare public appearance,Irene Rosewater held a press conference yesterday night regarding the protest that took place in front of City Hall earlier that day. While she said that her heart (and that of the Guild of Psychics) goes out to Mrs. Christensen‘s loss, it is without a doubt not the neural inhibitor that her son was fitted with that caused his death.
“These accusations are unfounded,” Miss Rosewater insisted, “young psychics have been fitted with neural inhibitors for decades and not been harmed by them”. She went on to say that neural inhibitors are used in schools all across Axum, and are practically mandatory for exams.
In closing, she pointed out that Mrs. Christensen’s son, Damien, gave the government no choice but to fit him with an inhibitor. “It has always been the policy of the government, as well as my guild, to see to it that psychics are either properly trained or depowered. An untrained psychic is far too dangerous to the public, and to themselves, and therefore if an individual refuses to undergo proper training they must be contained. There is no other choice”.

Professor Wyrd of the Guild of Magics has announced a new program for powerful young magically-inclined individuals that will serve as both a mentoring initiative and a way to introduce promising students to Guild life. The names of the individuals chosen for the program have not yet been released, but sources say that Celeste Rosewater, daughter of Elliot Rosewater jr, is under consideration.

The Artemis theater will be holding their bi-annual b-movie marathon this Thursday. Tickets go on sale on Monday at noon, and will be twenty-five dollars each. Theater representatives say that ticket prices have gone up from their usual price (fifteen dollars) in order to fund guest appearances from various actors, a free snack table, and extended showtimes.


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